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History of Motosumi-Bremen str. Shopping District

1947   Sumiyoshi commerce and industry has been inaugurated with 20 stores.
1955 (Sept.) Constructed and installed the neon streetlight.
1959   Construction of Chamber of commerce has been finished.
1960   An increase in population
1964   Starts decreasing in population, and it were less than the average of the entire city
1964 (Sept.) Supermarket Sanko the first has been opened
1967 (Jun.) Supermarket Sanko the second has been opened
1968 (Sept.) OK Store has been opened
1968 (Nov.) Uny Co.,Ltd. has been opened
1968 (Nov.) Higashiguchi Shopping Center has been opened
1968 (Dec.) Tawaraya has been opened
1970 (Dec.) Hon-doori (Main street) of the Shopping District as a vehicle-free-promenade from 15:00P.M. to 19:00P.M.
1973 (Nov.) finished primary construction of the arch of mercury-vapor lamp
1973 (Nov.) OK Store has been closed
1973 (Nov.) finished secondary construction of the arch of mercury-vapor lamp
1975 (Oct.) Promote Association "Motosumiyoshi Nishiguchi Shopping District Promote Association" has been established
1976   Mutual consent for the estates problem of an assembly hall
1978 (Dec.) "The first Motosumiyoshi October Festival" has been held, and main street of the Shopping District as a vehicle-free-promenade from 12:00P.M. to 19:00P.M.
1979 (Sept.) District's Parking has been constructed
1981 (Feb.) Yoko-doori streets arch has been constructed
1981 (Apr.) Shopping District started bonus bundle payment
1981   revention of disasters section, credit section, and stamp section are established
1982 (Apr.) "Society of the Contriving of Motosumiyoshi " established
1983 (Oct.) Registered the estate of Assembly Hall.(21.72 tsubo=71.7846m2)
1984 (Apr.) At the time of general meeting, the road pavement color and the Chamber of Commerce convert into building has been reserved and approved
1984   "Society of the Contriving of Motosumiyoshi " has been cancelled as improvement, and established "Committee for Modernization of the Shopping District"
1985 (Mar.) "Meeting of Motosumi Bremenstamp" has been established
1985 (Jun.) Motosumi Shopping District has been specified for "Settled on a Plan for the Community Mart Enterprise Model Shopping District" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
1988 (Mar.) Community Center( District's office too) has been constructed
1989 (Mar.) Construction has been finished ,and converted into Mall
1989 (Apr.) Opening ceremony for the "Bremenstr." and held"the First Bremen Music Festival."
1990 (Sept.) Held " Second Bremen Music Festival"(rainy weather discontinuance)
1990 (Oct.) Changed the name from "Motosumiyoshi Nisiguchi Shopping District" to "the Association of the Promoting Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District"
1991 (Mar.) Amicable cooperation agreement with the Lloyd Passage in Bremen, Germany
1991 (Sept.) Held " Third Bremen Music Festival"
1992 (Feb.) Uny Co., Ltd. has been closed
1992 (Sept.) Held "Fourth Bremen Music Festival"
1993 (Sept.) Held "Fifth Bremen Music Festival"
1994 (Jul.) the 70th Anniversary of the City of Kawasaki, and Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District won a Special Commendation Prize
1994 (Oct.) Held "Sixth Bremen Music Festival"
1995 (Jun.) Start "Ecology Bag Campaign"
1995 (Sept.) Held an International Symposium "What can Shopping District do for Environmental Problems"
1995 (Oct.) Won "Kanagawa Prefecture Earth and Environment Prize"
1996 (Sept.) Held "Seventh Bremen Music Festival"
1997 (Oct.) National Federation of Shopping Center Promotion Association selected Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District as a one of the most excellent Shopping District in Japan, and videoize us from the film by TV Asahi
1998 (Sept.) Lloyd Passage and the States of Bremen donated us "the Statue of Bremen Band" for tenth anniversary of the Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District, and for the proof of our friendship
1998 (Nov.) The Minister Mr. Yosano for International Trade and Industry visited and inspected Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District
1999 (Feb.) On the TV program by TBS titled "Vigor of Area, Vigor of Japan -Stick with it ! Shopping District ! - " introduced Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District. The program was televised on 28 television stations
1999 (Nov.) Declared "Shopping District as Gentle for Environment", struggled with environmental problems positively. And being awarded Kanagawa Governor's Prize
2000 (May) With Kawasaki city and Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District donated gigantic Hanten for Lloyd Passage, Bremen
2000 (Sept.) Held  "Ninth Bremen Music Festival"
2000 (Nov.) Shopping District held "Bottle Recycling Campaign"
2001 (Jan.) Installed boxesfor collecting and recycling waste bottle and waste can
2001 (Oct.) Held commemoration ceremony of the "10th Anniversary of Lloyd Passage and Motosumi Bremenstr.'s amicable cooperation"
2002 (Sept.) Held "Tenth Bremen Music Festival"
2003 (Oct.) Held "the First October Festa"
2003 (Oct.) Held "the First Renewal Committee"
2004 (Oct.) Held "Second October Festa"