Welcome to Motosumi-Bremen str. Shopping District!
Motosumi Bremen str. Shopping District located in the Western side of the Tokyu-Toyoko-Line Motosumiyoshi Station, which is in Nakahara Ward of the Kawasaki City. Our Shopping District has it's passers-by at a rough estimate 14,000 to 20,000 a day, and we're known as a leading Shopping District also in the Kawasaki City.
Presently, Nakahara Ward has a population of 190,000, and concentrated the center of administration on a Kosugi area which it adjoins.
Because of the station "Motosumiyoshi" of the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Motosumiyoshi area has become very prosperous recently, and Motosumi-Bremen street shopping district located in front of the station.
Motosumiyoshi station is located conveniently close to 20min. from Shibuya and Yokohama, 40min. from Ginza with the subway Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.


Motosumiyoshi Station

Street Gate

“Frei-Markt” Shopping Festival

Halloween Festival