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International Relationship

Since 1988, we named our district as Bremenstr.. In the name of "Bremen" we had an opportunity to conclude international interchange with Lloyd Passage of Bremen in Germany. Here we'll tell you the states of our international interchange, and some information about Bremen.

Amicable cooperation

In March 1991, Bremenstr. Shopping District conclude amicable international interchange with Bremen Lloyd Passage Germany
  • (Ceremony: Signing amicable cooperation with the Lloyd Passage.)

(Bremen Wine: 980yen)
Furthermore, commemoration this amicable cooperating, we requested Richard Langguth Gmbh to brew special wine for Motosumi Bremenstr.. We sell Bremen's white wine from Rheinhessen districts in the liquor shop. As for this wine, hat the mello aroma and elegant sweetness.

Lloyd Passage

The Lloyd Passage Shopping Center has been located at the backstreet of Karlstadt department store in the historical city, Hansa-Union-Bremen. We dare say the name "Lloyd" has been taken from famous shipping agency called "Lloyd Co." and it's President Mr. Lloyd, because his residents were there in Bremen.

City of Bremen

If you mention a single example for Bremen, it's famous with the Bremen Band. The Statue of Bremen Band places the side of the Bremen's city government hall.
  • City Government Hall
  • Bremen Band
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