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2years summery of the Shopping District's model-business

Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District made a plan focused on "Activate the Shopping District with the Environmental Improvement Activity" in "Do Shopping District's Best! - model shopping district project -" of the Kawasaki city. This plan is based on an environmental manual, which have been enforced at shopping district's basic principle and environmental courses of action. Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District and area residents enforced our 4 main environmental projects "one ecological motion per store", "ecological shopping and cooking", "bring your own shopping bag activity", "ecology investigation corps".

September 2003, starts "One Store One Ecological Activity"

green poster
Each store in shopping district thinks about some environmental activity for the environmental-gentle action, makes and enforces an annual for it, and leave conclusion on records. Even if it is small activity, but when each store has done it, totally it can be big effect. Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District aiming reduce of carbon dioxide quantities which discharged from us. And to make special environmental brand that every customer will be happy. The store that join our "One Store One Ecological Activity" hang green poster that shows how to enforce their aims for environmental activity, and appeal it to their customers.
For examples below;
  • Grocery Stores---bring your own shopping bag activity, collecting cardboards, avoid too much packaging, sale by weight
  • Food Business---sale of the powder soap which was made with the waste oil
  • Electrical Appliance Stores---recommendation sale of energy-saving products, collection of chargeable batteries
  • Miscellaneous Goods Stores---positive sale of Green products
  • Laundry---collect unnecessary hanger, bring your own shopping bag activity
  • Bank and Post office---less energy used, temperature control of air conditioner, collect used postage stamps
  • Drug Stores---paperless conversion of company for internal communication
*In order to inspect the environmental responsibility of the present condition, we executed the questionnaire survey of environment which shopping district has given, targeting the shopping district's promotion union member. As for carbon dioxide quantities which have been discharged altogether from our district were 4,213 ton. (We did sums by the total quantities of wastes, electricity, water, gas, discharged from shopping district.)

Ecological Shopping and Cooking Project

(1: On 2 February 2003, 2: On 29 September 2003, 10:00-15:00)

"Ecological Shopping and Cooking Project" is a program that participants consider an action what we can do easily for the environment in ordinals through shopping and cooking, and experience it in practice. We made chicken pilaf, salad, and corn soup in the first project, and miso soup contained pork and lots of vegetables, and rice ball in the second.
Buying vegetables and meat that were less-packaged, local produced, and purchased necessary quantities, is "Ecological Shopping". Control-using amount of gas and water, garbage from the kitchen must not be absorbed moisture and water, this is "Ecology Cooking" and it needs devised details. In addition to clean up in this project, wiping off the soiling of the tableware with waste fabrics before washing, so we are able to reduce contaminated waste water.

Bring Your Own Bag Activity

(On 5 October, 2003 from 10:00 to 16:00)

In order to spread "Bring Your Own Bag Activity" ,Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District held "My Bag Contest" in October Festa. There were 14 entries and the most popular bag was a bag which named "W Shopping Bag" from Shuunou- Ya.

Ecology Investigation Corps

Children of the local area have been active as "Ecology Investigation Corps". Their activity's main duty is to interview district's member store which enforces and participates "One Store One Ecological Activity", and they estimate store's activity executions by collecting conclusions that participation stores has been done. As for Ecology Investigation Corps interviewed the stores about "What kind of ecological activities does the store enforces?" and "How is the reputation of the customer?".

2years "Activate the Shopping District with the Environmental Improvement Activity" in "Do Shopping District's Best! - model shopping district project -" has been enforced, and it followed environmental research, compile environmental manuals, enforced activities called "One Store One Ecological Activity", "Ecological Shopping and Cooking", "Bring Your Own Shopping Bag Activity" and "Ecology Investigation Corps". Especially for "Bring Your Own Shopping Bag Activity" has been staying Motosumi Bremenstr. Shopping District and it spreads little by little into other non-participation stores. We'll continue "One Store One Ecological Activity" and please be sure and give us your full support in it. Please search the green poster that shows you store's aim for this activity.